Want to VOTE in April’s US Senate Primary

The Primary, for the US Senate Special Election, is NEXT MONTH — April 30.

It is your first opportunity to vote Ed Markey for US Senate — if you are registered to vote by April 10, Wednesday.

Have you recently moved? Did you turn 18 recently? Register before April 10! 

Remember, you must be either a registered Democrat OR unenrolled/”independent” in order to vote for Ed Markey on April 30, on the Democratic primary ballot. If you are registered, say, as a Green Party member, you will NOT be able to vote on April 30 – unless you change your affiliation by April 10! 

You can download voter registration forms, print them out, and mail or drop them off to your town hall. Do it now — don’t let it slip your mind!

from MA Sec. of State: The Massachusetts Mail-In Voter Registration Form can be used to register to vote in Massachusetts, to update registration information due to a change of name, make a change of address, or to register with a political party. Note: After filling out this form, you must print it, sign it and send it to your local election official.

Download the Forms:

For registering to vote in other states, please use the National Voter Registration Form.

Interested in doing a voter registration drive? Connect with Progressive Mass!

Don’t forget to ask the high school students in your life — are they (or their friends) 18? Are they registered to vote? 

More resources at our Ed Markey campaign page:progressivemass.com/markey

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