What is the structure of Progressive Massachusetts?


PM is a member-based 501 (4) organization, because we believe this is the best way to build  long term, sustainable organizing power to influence public policy in Massachusetts.  Details about membership will evolve, but at its core it is defined by the  active and committed engagement of those who choose to work with Progressive Mass, through local organizing, grassroots activity around issues and elections, and legislative outreach. The goal is to have strong, local grassroots organizations throughout the state, led by local and regional volunteer activists.

The individuals originally involved in the founding of PM decided early on that the organization’s agenda would be driven by its members, through a democratic decision-making process.  The details of that process will be determined by our members in the months ahead.

Through an ad hoc Organizing Committee, the founders of PM continue to manage the  immediate, day-to-day tasks involved with building the organization, including member outreach and communications. Our unpaid Interim Executive Director handles most administrative tasks and drafts materials and plans for the Organizing Committee’s review and approval.  Our goal is to grow membership and membership involvement and, as we do so, to build membership involvement in all decision-making.  With member involvement we will create a more permanent, democratic leadership structure that ensures a democratic decision-making process while also making sure PM operates with direction and efficiency.  Through significant fundraising, we eventually hope to add the resources of paid organizers and, potentially, other staff.

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