Translating Election Results Into Action

Up_to_Us_v1.jpgThe election is over and progressives throughout the state are celebrating – and enjoying a brief respite. But what we are hearing from organizers across the Commonwealth is that they are anxious to stay involved. They want to see the results of the election mean something – in Washington and on Beacon Hill.

>>> Why is continuing to organize so important? Read more here!

Over the next six weeks, progressives are meeting in living rooms and community centers around the State to talk about what’s next.

>>> Check our events for a meeting near you! Or host one if you don’t see one yet! 

We already have organizers planning meetings in Newton, Cambridge, JP, Third Middlesex, Natick, Springfield and Western Mass, and more all the time! It’s clear activists and volunteers are ready to stay engaged.

Can you help organize a session in your community? Let us know, below!

At these meetings we will:

  • Celebrate!
  • Share and Reflect (what went well, what didn’t)
  • Focus (urgent issues upcoming in the next few months – the fiscal cliff, the Campaign for Our Communities, the potential selection of an interim-Senator to replace John Kerry should he get appointed)
  • Plan for Action (steps the group could take, actions individuals could commit to)
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Our Values – What We Believe

We believe elections matter – both in Washington and here on Beacon Hill.  That is why Progressive Massachusetts is actively working with key legislators to ensure that the issues we care about are front and center.

As bills are drafted and sponsored, we will alert our members to both opportunities to move Massachusetts forward as well as policies that threaten to undermine our communities and all our residents’ well-being.  Over the course of the legislative session, we will be following the progress of these bills closely and working with both our members and like-minded legislators to ensure passage for the bills we favor and defeat for those we don’t.

But in all we do, we will always be guided by our values.  Progressive Mass works to move our Commonwealth  toward a future where the values of equal opportunity, social and economic justice, consumer and environmental protection, health care as a right, equal access to quality public services, respect for all residents and accountable and transparent government are given top priority.

Check Out Our Values on Key Issues.

Tell Us What You Think.

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State House Rules Reform

We believe:

  • Our government functions best and residents have the highest possible confidence in their representatives when the work of the legislature is fully transparent and easily accessible to the public.
  • Our legislature works best when power is not concentrated in the hands of the few.
  • The rules of the legislature should promote the open airing of issues and spirited debate on the future of the Commonwealth.  Hearings on vital issues should be held and bills should come for an up and down vote, particularly when a majority of legislators (and the residents they represent) support them.
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Collective Bargaining

We believe:

  • Employers should have respect for fair wages, decent working conditions, dignity or self-determination by workers.
  • Unions have and continue to ensure that these workplace issues are addressed
  • Workers everywhere have a right to form and join unions for the protection of their interests and that employers (both public and private) should be required to bargain in good faith with workers and their representatives.
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We believe:

  • America is a country of immigrants and that those who come here seeking a better life strengthen both our economy and our culture.
  • We must implement comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens our borders, toughens sanctions against employers exploiting undocumented workers and provides a path to citizenship for the millions of people who, but for their immigration status, are like other hardworking Americans, contributing to our rich heritage and vibrant economy.
  • Young people who came to this country with their parents and lived in this country continuously should be able to attend attend college and serve in the military.  And if they do, they should be eligible for citizenship.
  • Our immigration enforcement resources should be focused solely on those who endanger our communities
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We believe:

  • Individuals who serve in our military are heroes who have risked their lives to serve and protect our country.  We have a obligation to care for the families of our soldiers and for all our veterans
  • We must end homelessness and unemployment among veterans and confront the epidemic of post-traumatic stress syndrome and brain injuries, ensuring all veterans get the services and support they need.
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We believe:

  • Our families and our communities need investments in the services, schools, and infrastructure that make Massachusetts a great place to live and work.
  • We must ensure we have sufficient revenue to make the necessary investments and our current revenue is not sufficient.  Significant new revenue must be raised if we are to grow and prosper as a Commonwealth.
  • Our tax system should be stable over time and simple to administer and understand and fair in that the luckiest and most successful pay their fair share
  • New revenue raised should come primarily from the highest earners and that working families should be shielded from additional burden.
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Civil and Legal Rights

We believe:

  • Everyone is entitled to equal rights and treatment under the law.   This also means respecting the dignity of all people and never legislating to limit their rights.
  • No one should be denied their basic rights because of economic status, class, race, color, creed, age, ethnic identity, ethnicity, national origin, language, culture, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, or disabilities.
  • This includes a commitment to marriage equality for LGBT couples, reproductive rights for women, full municipal privileges and responsibilities regardless of immigration status, and strengthening diversity in all our public institutions.
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Clean Elections and Voting Rights

We believe:

  • Voting is a fundamental right of all citizens and no action should be taken to limit any American’s access to the ballot box.  Efforts to make voting easier should be pursued and all efforts that suppress the vote  or place hurdles in the path of would-be voters should be opposed.
  • Private corporations are not individuals and are not entitled to the same constitutional rights as individuals under Article 14 of the United States Constitution.
  • Money has, over the last half century, become too dominant a force in our politics and too influential in the governing and policy making process.   Only substantial reform – of campaign financing and lobbying, among other things, – can ensure that our government truly reflects the concerns and interests of average Americans.
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Energy and the Environment

We believe:

  • Protecting our environment is a moral responsibility to future generations, a health and quality-of-life issue for us today as well as an enormous economic consideration.    Climate change is real and the time for debate is over.  Urgent action is required and while the federal government has, for many years, abandoned its responsibility to steward our environment, the Commonwealth can and should do all it can.
  • The environment is a public trust and responsibility for its preservation and sustainability must rest publicly – in a partnership between people, private enterprise and government
  • A more sustainable and environmentally just Commonwealth, that takes the lead in preserving the environment for generations to come.
  • Protecting our water, air and biodiversity through enforcement of existing regulations and financial incentives for responsible stewardship.
  • Strengthening effective land-use planning policies to support smart growth and conservation.
  • Promoting responsible use of the Commonwealth’s natural resources by supporting composting, expanding recycling, reducing hazardous waste, and restoring polluted sites to environmental health.
  • Combating global warming by supporting and developing alternative energy resources and practice, mass transit statewide and energy efficiency programs.
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