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Our Priorities for November

Progressive Worcester is focusing on these campaigns for November 8:

  • Moses Dixon for State Representative, Worcester 17th District
  • Save Our Public Schools, (No on Question 2)
  • Dan Donahue for State Representative, Worcester 16th District

Join our COORDINATED CAMPAIGN EFFORTS by contacting []-- or join one of our scheduled events on the calendar below.

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Progressive Worcester voting recommendations

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  • Moses Dixon for State Representative, Worcester 17th District
  • Dan Donahue for State Representative, Worcester 16th District


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 Info on Our Voting Recommendations

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Information for Worcester Area Voters

When To Vote

  • Election day is November 8, Tuesday, 7AM-8PM, at your polling place.
  • Early voting hours start on Oct. 24 thru Nov. 4. Each precinct has TWO early voting days at specific voting locations. More info below.

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Voter Information Local Resources

Information about Worcester elections and voting is on the Worcester Elections Commission webpage: 455 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608 City Hall Room 208 Phone: (508) 799-1134, Fax: (508) 799-1137 Office Hours: Monday 8:45 AM - 5:00 PM; Tuesday - Friday 8:45 AM - 4:15 PM

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The last day to register to vote in time for the November election is October 19. You can register online via the Secretary of State website [] or in person by visiting City Hall  to the Elections Commission between 8:45 and 4:15 (5:00pm on Mondays) on weekdays.

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Polling Places

Make sure you know WHERE you vote! Plug in your address for your precise polling location, here: MAKE SURE TO CHECK THIS. At least one polling location has been changed since the last election!

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Early Voting in Worcester

For the first time ever, Massachusetts now has EARLY VOTING! Now, people with busy schedules or are otherwise challenged in getting to the polls on one busy day only have the option of voting at a time more convenient for them. Even if you don't anticipate early voting--make sure your community knows we have the option this year, so we can make every voter count! There is more information on Worcester early voting at the Worcester Elections Commission:

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Early Voting Hours/Locations

Early voting locations change, moving through-out the city. However, any registered Worcester voter can vote at any of the locations. (Find your precinct here: or  For more information, you can view a video about early voting and see the whole list You can also get the city’s interactive Early Voting map at

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  • Oct. 31 (Mon.), 8:45AM-7PM Unitarian Universalist Church, 90 Holden Street, Worcester, MA
  • Nov. 1 (Tue.), 8:45AM-7PM Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Rec. Center, 28 Mulberry Street
  • Nov. 2 (Wed.), 8:45AM-7PM Worcester Senior Center, 128 Providence Street
  • Nov. 3 (Thu.), 8:45AM-7PM Clark University, Higgins Center, 950 Main Street
  • Nov. 4 (Fri.), 8:45AM-5PM Worcester State University, May St. Bldg., 280 May Street

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