Where Does Sunlight Go to Die?

Read a cautionary tale of how a bill protecting the rights of pregnant workers was almost gutted when the powerful Ways & Means committee rewrote the bill without any debate or discussion.

We've come to feel lucky when progressive bills even make it out of committee. But after committees and passage by the two chambers -- Ways & Means is a final destination where spooky things often happen in the dark.

Read the cautionary tale about why sunlight, democracy--and making noise--is important. 


Governor Baker wants you to believe that violating due process --searches and seizures without a warrant-- is Important, because undocumented immigrants are scary, violent criminals. 

Hey that sounds just like certain hate groups (which also get airings in the Globe and in front of Legislature). 

The Governor needs to hear that this is not acceptable, and that we need to pass Safe Communities Now and he needs to sign it.



The Safe Communities Act needs your help. Our legislators showed some courage in January when more than ever before signed on as Co-Sponsors. 

But courage wanes.

Legislators need to hear from you again. 


Scorecards and Co-Sponsorship Tracking--Our New Look!

We've been doing our multi-issue, progressive scorecards for a few sessions--and it got a dramatic overhaul. Read more about it, here, then

Check out the new scorecard -- with cosponsor tracking -- now!



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It's Not Just Trump: ICE, Deportation, Xenophobia in MA

Click thru for a review of the historic SJC Lunn decision, Gov. Baker's proposal to overturn it, Safe Communities Act and the foot dragging of Massachusetts Democrats.  (Read More...)

Do MA Dems Stand for Women’s Rights in the Workplace Or Not?

The 190th legislative session has been off to a slow start on Beacon Hill. Beyond the pay raise, and the budget process, the Legislature has not been doing much in the way of, well, legislating. One small bit of progress was the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which passed the House unanimously last month. The bill requires employers to provide “reasonable accommodation” for pregnant women and nursing mothers (such as more frequent breaks, less strenuous duties, and the ability to sit down on... (Read More...)

Budget 2017: What Does Beacon Hill Value?

CUT TO THE CHASE: Take me to the SAMPLE SCRIPT!  INTRO--How did we get here? ACTION--Call your Reps: Sample Script AMENDMENTS-- --Revenue --Affordable Housing --Education and Youth --Legal Assistance; Jobs Not Jails --Environmental Protection --Public Health Cutting Past the Bone: How did we get here? A budget is a statement of values. And the recently released House Ways & Means Budget shows that too many on Beacon Hill are content with the status quo of austerity and underinvestme... (Read More...)

Happening Locally

Criminal Justice Reform - It's time to make this happen!

Last week, the Senate unveiled the eagerly anticipated Criminal Justice Reform bill. While those of us interested in comprehensive reform did not get everything we wanted, the final Senate version represents a significant step forward in returning some real justice to our criminal justice system.  So what's in the bill, and what can you do to help?  (Read More...)

Resisting Trump’s Extreme Immigration Policies with the Safe Communities Act

“When Mexico sends its people, it's not sending its best…They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” That is a direct quote from our current President. In his dark view of the world, the United States is under assault by a horde of dangerous immigrants unleashing a wave of violence against hapless citizens. There's only one tiny problem with this view-it's completely false. (Read More...)

Why Criminal Justice Reform Matters: Watertown Hosts a Public Forum

In recent years, Massachusetts has made some progress on criminal justice reform, including the legalization of marijuana, the reduction of sentences for some drug related crimes, and raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction to 18. However, the work is far from finished, so to inform us of what is at stake and about pending legislation, Progressive Watertown, Progressive Newton, Jobs Not Jails, and Watertown Citizens for Black Lives cosponsored the public forum "Why Criminal Justice Reform Ma... (Read More...)


When Candidates Are on a Listening Tour, Give Them Something to Listen To

TL;DR: Start thinking about what you want in a progressive governor, and start questioning and pressuring candidates and prospective candidates before committing.   One year from now, Democrats across the state will have elected delegates to go to the state party convention where gubernatorial candidates will vie with each other for the party’s endorsement. The primary field is not settled yet—there’s some time to go, and candidates may yet emerge. But, already, candidates and prospective c... (Read More...)

Election 2016: Move to Massachusetts

I would like Massachusetts to run an ad campaign across the country that says, "Are you scared of your neighbor? Come to Massachusetts, we voted against Nixon and Donald Trump, overwhelmingly. We will still have Obamacare, marriage equality and you can smoke pot to get by for the next 4 years. Massachusetts, an American alternative to moving to Canada. (Read More...)

Election 2016: Reflections from a Progressive Grassroots Organizer for HRC

I feel a tremendous grief for what has been and will likely be lost, as well as fear for what is likely to rain down on the most vulnerable in our society as a result of this election. I strongly supported Hillary Clinton, in the primary and the general, and spent countless hours organizing volunteers in Malden and Melrose, knocking doors here and in New Hampshire. I had the pleasure of working with a large group of volunteers -- some veterans from other campaigns, others new faces. (Read More...)


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