Are You Listening, Legislators?

President-Elect Donald Trump has appointed a notorious school privatizer to run his Department of Education. 

In contrast to the privatizing forces about to be unleashed on the rest of the country, Massachusetts has instead shown that we value excellence in traditional public schools for all children. 

The question is -- will the State House listen? 

Registering Muslims. Mass Deportations. No.

Massachusetts must take a stand against federal encroachment and overreach, and instead lead as an example on sensible immigration reform that respects our communities.

We have a lot of work to do right here in Massachusetts. But when we fight, we can win. 

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A Blueprint for Another Way.

The nation's new president has signaled strongly a return, with a vengeance, to damaging conservative policies of the past, threatening our communities, our economy and our climate. 

While we must resist on the national front, we must both preserve and advance a progressive framework right here in Massachusetts. 

We have much room for improvement -- and it is more urgent than ever. 

Read our Progressive Platform here.

Connecting Progressives Across the Commonwealth.

Grassroots organizing is a foundational mission of Progressive Massachusetts. It's pretty simple -- we are more effective when we are organized and connected with other progressives.

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Perspectives on November 2016.

Elections, from the big ones to the local, are endings of campaigns, but they are just part of a larger story of working on our choices together as a community. 

We asked organizers Jonathan Cohn, Amanda Smith, and Jordan Berg Powers to capture their impressions before too much time and distance had passed. 

Read short them here.

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Savoring Our Victories, Preparing for the Battles Ahead.

On November 18, progressives from all over Massachusetts came together in Newton to reconnect and reflect on the past year. While we the national trend dominates all of our concerns, our member-activists are more determined than ever to dig in to the ongoing work of organizing and mobilizing our communities to engage on the issues that matter. 

Read more from the evening from Senator Jamie Eldridge

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