Raise Up Massachusetts – Raise the Tipped Minimum Wage and Index it to Inflation!

Our powerful grassroots pressure is working! We have pushed the House of Representatives to release a proposal to increase the minimum wage. Speaker DeLeo outlined his minimum wage proposal today that increases the minimum wage to $10.50 an hour. But not enough has been done to index the minimum wage to the rising cost of living, and not enough is being done for tipped workers who haven't gotten a raise since 1999.

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Our Shared Prosperity Agenda

Both the President and the Governor have spoken eloquently about rising income inequality and the "solemn duty" to leave no one behind.

Progressive Massachusetts intends to take up that challenge here in the Commonwealth with our Shared Prosperity Agenda

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10151947_10201585106380407_199766408_n_(1).jpgSecond Annual Policy Conference Recap

Our Second Annual Policy Conference was Sunday, April 6, 2013. We had an opening plenary with Congressman Jim McGovern and Noah Berger, President of Mass Budget and Policy; morning Policy Sessions on Jobs, Education, Housing, and Health Care; Afternoon Action Sessions on the same issues; and a Gubernatorial Forum with follow-up questions to our endorsement questionnaires.

View our Storify recap of the day here.

On the Newsstand

Introducing the Scholars Strategy Network

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The Anti-Poverty Agenda

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Alice Versus Alec

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Happening Locally

Tax Day Rally and Forum

Progressive Newton was in attendance on Saturday as activists and organizers from around the Commonwealth convened in Boston for a Tax Day rally and forum in support of the Budget for All. The t... [ Read More ]

Northampton Minimum Wage & Earned Sick Leave Legislative Forum

Friday, Northampton held a Raise Up Legislative Forum with Living Wage Western Mass with the Raise Up Massachusetts Campaign. Over 50 people were in attendance including Representative Kocot, ... [ Read More ]

Malden's Latest Election -- Jason Lewis Wins!

Progressive Massachusetts's Chapter Progressive Malden's activist Alicia de la Garza writes about working for endorsee Jason Lewis's campaign, and what's coming up! More than just about any other ... [ Read More ]


Indexing to Inflation

When the minimum wage stays the same, year after year, it loses value because of the rising cost of inflation. $8 today buys less than it did 5 years ago, and will buy even less 5 years from now. [ Read More ]

MA House of Representatives to Raise the Minimum Wage

Our powerful grassroots pressure is working! We have pushed the House of Representatives to release a proposal to increase the minimum wage. Speaker DeLeo outlined his minimum wage proposal today t... [ Read More ]

Boston Globe Editorializes on the Tipped Wage

BOSTON GLOBE TAKES A LOOK AT THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY FEB. 16: IGNORED RIGHTS Unpaid work, threats of deportation, and outright wage theft plague the restaurant industry. FEB. 17: TIPPING Meant ... [ Read More ]

Take Action

Raise Up Massachusetts - Join the Fight

Massachusetts is one of the most prosperous states in the nation and yet many of our residents live just at or above the poverty line. Join the fight for economic justice by petitioning to get mini... [ Read More ]

A Six-Month Milestone: How We’ve Grown and We’re We Going

We started in 2011 as a group of progressive organizers, meeting in living rooms, community centers and union halls, to discuss the need for a permanent progressive movement in the Commonwealth. We... [ Read More ]


Progressive Massachusetts is a statewide, diverse grassroots organization. We organize around progressive issues in Massachusetts, help elect and support progressive candidates for public office who are committed to making a difference on these issues, and hold elected officials accountable to progressive positions and values. Progressive Mass welcomes all Progressives regardless of political affiliation. We will work to further progressive values through issue organizing, electoral organizing, and organization-building and education.


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