Progressive Mass Starts with You!

Our work together as agents of progressive change requires significant resources — organizers, materials, databases for voter contact and the best legislative information.

More importantly, we need a community committed, grassroots progressive advocates, invested in making the changes we need to make a more progressive Massachusetts. 

Join us as a dues-paying member and help shape OUR organization!

Our 2015-2016 Legislative Agenda

  • Single-Payer Health Care

  • Workers' Justice

  • Progressive Taxation

  • Overturning 'Citizens United'

  • Criminal Justice Reforms


Where's the money?

Cutting budgets and tightening belts has been the standard operating procedure for years now in Massachusetts. When there's not enough revenue, we have to shortchange vital community services and operations, compromising the very things that have made Massachusetts a great place to work, live, and raise a family.

Why this shortfall? Well, $3.3 billion in revenue, yearly, has been lost because of tax cuts. 

Read more about our structural deficit and tax cuts.

It's the Revenue, Stupid!

Forgive us for channeling James Carville here, but it's time to talk frankly about what's really been driving the Massachusetts budget cuts and revenue shortfalls over the last 15 years: some people aren't contributing their fair share.

What happens when the wealthiest 14,000 Massachusetts households pay less than the rest of us? We end up running the Commonwealth on the cheap -- and our schools, infrastructure and communities are left to run on fumes. 

It's no way to run Massachusetts! 

Read more about the problem -- and how we can fix it.

Making It Easier to Stay Informed

Our 20115-2016 session scorecards are live -- for the Massachusetts House and the Senate -- and are being updated throughout the rest of the session! How are your legislators doing? 


Your Endorsed Candidates for September 8th Primary!

You, our members, chose which primary candidates are of special interest to the progressive community. When we work for progressive champions, we can make the Legislature more progressive -- and get more done for the Commonwealth. 


Pat Jehlen - Jack Lewis - Monica Cannon - Moses Dixon - Mike Connolly

Read more, including their questionnaires and how you can help, here.


189th Senate Scorecard - 2015-2016

Every two years, you elect your State Senator. But what happens after that? Where do they stand on the issues of the day on Beacon Hill? How do they vote on the bills that come before the House of... [ Read More ]

189th House Scorecard - 2015-2016

Every two years, you elect your State Representative. But what happens after that? Where do they stand on the issues of the day on Beacon Hill? How do they vote on the bills that come before the H... [ Read More ]

Raise Up 2015: A Grassroots Win! (And Next Steps in 2016)

You worked so hard to gather signatures to put the Fair Share Amendment on the ballot. And I have a terrific update for you -- Not only did we collect 157,000 signatures statewide, we have recently... [ Read More ]

Happening Locally

Solving Transit and Traffic Problems in the Cambridge Corridor

PM Member Mike Connolly invites the Progressive Mass community to Saturday's forum on Transit and Traffic in the Cambridge Corridor. RSVP, on Facebook or this website.    For the past few months,... [ Read More ]

We're Organizing to Take on Guns

Two recent New York Times editorials (Dec. 12 and Dec. 14, 2015) have called attention to the use of "Smart trigger locks" as an important piece of fixing our national problem with gun... [ Read More ]

When We Organize, We Win! Housing Victory in Newton

Victory! Newton’s Board of Alderman Grants Special Permit for 28 Austin Street As reported here, Progressive Newton has been working throughout 2015 with residents and other organizations to make ... [ Read More ]


Progressive Massachusetts is a statewide, diverse grassroots organization. We organize around progressive issues in Massachusetts, help elect and support progressive candidates for public office who are committed to making a difference on these issues, and hold elected officials accountable to progressive positions and values. We welcome all Progressives regardless of political affiliation. Through issue organizing, electoral organizing, and organization-building and education, we are working to advance progressive values.


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