Honest Work Should Be Compensated Fairly.

Legislators shouldn't have to work two jobs to support their families, and neither should ordinary people in low wage jobs. Elected Dems on the Hill have shown they'll finally stand up to the Governor. 

If the Legislature is willing to override a veto to invest more in themselves, then we expect to see that same resolve to invest in the Commonwealth.

Read analysis of the Beacon Hill pay raise.

TAKE ACTION: Send a message to your elected officials.

A Show of Power. Next, Organize.

The Trump election and its appalling first actions has galvanized ordinary citizens across the globe. 

Progressive Mass was founded on the principle that grassroots, community organizing is an essential component to changing the direction of our politics and policy. 

We also know that we are more effective organizing for change right here in MA.

We have an easy first step. Read on

How'd Beacon Hill Do Last Session? 

We've been making the case that in the age of Trump, Massachusetts should become a progressive beacon -- that the moral universe demands it.

As we start the next 190th Legislative Session, a review of the one just passed can help identify where we can do better. Our scorecards may require a nice cup of tea or other drink to fully ponder, but they can provide an invaluable insight into where we can improve as we look to the next two years. 

Read more about preparing the 189th Scorecard

Go to the 189th House Scorecard - 189th Senate Scorecard 


Are You Listening, Legislators?

President-Elect Donald Trump has appointed a notorious school privatizer to run his Department of Education. 

In contrast to the privatizing forces about to be unleashed on the rest of the country, Massachusetts has instead shown that we value excellence in traditional public schools for all children. 

The question is -- will the State House listen? 

Connecting Progressives Across the Commonwealth.

Grassroots organizing is a foundational mission of Progressive Massachusetts. It's pretty simple -- we are more effective when we are organized and connected with other progressives.

Signing up on our email list means you will be the first to hear about events in your community, to get the substantive and time-sensitive information for action. We will also connect you with other chapters in your area. Or, you could help develop one yourself! 

Get plugged in, and help us strengthen our grassroots progressive power! 

Tell us how you'd like to help!

On electoral campaigns, issues and community organizing, there's always a way to get involved and lend a hand.

At time-sensitive moments, we put out periodic calls to action, when our citizen engagement can make the most difference. Filling out your volunteer profile helps us know we can count on you when it's most important. 

Let us know, here, how you can help. 



Scorecards are out: measuring progress (189th Session)

Scorecards from 189th Legislative Session, House and Senate are finalized. Compare legislators’ last session records with your values and the district’s. See where there’s room for improvement or need for a thank you!  Engaged democracy doesn’t end at the doorknock! To win on our big issues--such as single-payer health care, a living wage, a stable climate, a robust public infrastructure, a healthy democracy, among many others--we know we must elect politicians who align with our values. To ... (Read More...)

Legislative Agenda for 2017-2018: Setting the Table for Bold Progressive Change

Tl;dr: We have released our progressive legislative agenda (progressivemass.com/legislativeagenda). There is a short, short window to take significant action. Before Feb. 2 (how about now?), send an email asking legislators to co-sponsor the Progressive Priority bills. For ACTION STEPS and SAMPLE EMAIL, go here: progressivemass.com/takeaction. Massachusetts is blessed with the third largest Democratic legislative majorities in the country. But majorities only matter if they are put to work.... (Read More...)

After Marching, Another Step

This past weekend gave a pretty clear visual of how much power we have when we organize together. And we all know that showing up to march was merely the first step of many. The next is engaging with the political process -- via electoral, issue and legislative work -- as well as the work of community organizing-- building communities of trust, making outreach and strengthening our progressive infrastructure. We're committed to both.  This week, we are releasing our 2017-18 Legislative Agend... (Read More...)

Happening Locally

Protecting the Earth from Supervillains, Locally

A Congress that is set on gutting environmental protections. An administration filled with climate change denialists and close friends of the fossil fuel industry. It looks like the environment will have a tough time over the next few years if we don’t step up big league at the local level to protect it. (Read More...)

Hundreds Strong for Progressive Pioneer Valley

Unstoppable! That’s what we are. 230 of us crammed into the library community room on Monday night, representing critical movements up and down the Valley. The energy was amazing, and we accomplished three big things: 1- In 17 breakouts, we dove deep into climate justice; LGBTQ rights, race and anti-hate; economic justice and the foreclosure crisis; immigration, and voting rights and democratic engagement. 2- We clarified how Progressive Massachusetts’s concrete legislative and electoral res... (Read More...)

Worcester: Rally in Solidarity with Immigrants

Progressive Worcester endorses tonight's rally in support of the immigrant and refugee community.  Please show up in solidarity and reject the toxic policies of Trumpism from creeping into Worcester. After the Rally, see it through, stay for the City Council meeting. City Council must hear from you.  And remember, We can take action as a state. But the Legislature must act. The Legislature can pass the Safe Communities act, to establish 'sanctuary' in Massachusetts, and protect vulnerable ... (Read More...)


Election 2016: Move to Massachusetts

I would like Massachusetts to run an ad campaign across the country that says, "Are you scared of your neighbor? Come to Massachusetts, we voted against Nixon and Donald Trump, overwhelmingly. We will still have Obamacare, marriage equality and you can smoke pot to get by for the next 4 years. Massachusetts, an American alternative to moving to Canada. (Read More...)

Election 2016: Reflections from a Progressive Grassroots Organizer for HRC

I feel a tremendous grief for what has been and will likely be lost, as well as fear for what is likely to rain down on the most vulnerable in our society as a result of this election. I strongly supported Hillary Clinton, in the primary and the general, and spent countless hours organizing volunteers in Malden and Melrose, knocking doors here and in New Hampshire. I had the pleasure of working with a large group of volunteers -- some veterans from other campaigns, others new faces. (Read More...)

Election 2016: The Ballot Questions

The national news on Tuesday was quite grim (I didn’t actually learn the ultimate results until Wednesday morning, avoiding the news late Tuesday night for the sake of mental health). And although those results have left me—and many of you, I’m sure—feeling rather hopeless, the results in Massachusetts earlier in the night can give some grounds for hope. Here, I’m talking about the ballot questions. On all four statewide ballot questions, the progressive position won: the Progressive Massach... (Read More...)


Progressive Massachusetts is a statewide, diverse grassroots organization. We organize around progressive issues in Massachusetts, help elect and support progressive candidates for public office who are committed to making a difference on these issues, and hold elected officials accountable to progressive positions and values. We welcome all Progressives regardless of political affiliation. Through issue organizing, electoral organizing, and organization-building and education, we are working to advance progressive values.


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