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Take Action: Our 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda

When cherished values and policies are being attacked on the national level by the Trump administration, it's all the more important for Massachusetts to be a leader. We're ready to right to make it one.

Our 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda advances our core goals of Shared Prosperity, Racial and Social Justice, Good Government and Strong Democracy, and Sustainable Infrastructure and Environmental Protection.


Read more and take action here.

Are Your Legislators Fighting for Progressive Values?

We believe that Democracy functions best when there’s transparency. And, our Massachusetts Legislature functions best when citizens know what votes our elected officials are taking and when we can compare their actions to their rhetoric.

That's why we put together our SCORECARD of the Legislature, identifying the key roll call votes from the past legislative session.



How did your legislators do?

2020: What's on the Ballot

Special Elections

Congressional Elections

& More

We ask the hard questions of candidates. You make the decisions. We all hold them accountable.


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Top 10 Excuses You’ll Hear for Why Your Legislator Voted Against Transparency

Last week, the Massachusetts House voted down three common sense transparency amendments to its rules package. These amendments were simple good government proposals, requiring that... Representatives be given a reasonable amount of time to read the final language of any bill they’re voting on Representatives be given a reasonable amount of time to read any amendment submitted on the floor that they’ll be voting on Hearing testimony (for/against) a bill and all votes taken in committee to b... (Read More...)

The House Just Voted Down Three Important Transparency Amendments. How Did Your Rep Vote?

Former Sierra Club lobbyist Phil Sego was once quoted as saying, “Don’t mistake what happens in [the Massachusetts State House] for democracy.” Our legislative process is deeply flawed and designed to avoid public accountability. Yesterday, your representative had a chance to take the first step toward changing that. Amendments were introduced that would have required: Representatives be given a reasonable amount of time to read the final language of any bill they’re voting on Representativ... (Read More...)

If You Want a Different Outcome, You Need to Change the Rules of the Game

The Massachusetts General Court is the second oldest deliberative body of the world. It’s time for it to start living up to such a stature. Opaque processes and procedures are the standard operating procedure in the Legislature, leaving the public—and even many legislators—in the dark while monied interests exert sway behind closed doors. And an over-centralization of power encourages a culture of quiescence and retaliation, discouraging open debate on major issues—a problem especially acute ... (Read More...)

Happening Locally

What New Progressive Actions Will You Be Taking in 2019?

What New Progressive Actions Will You Be Taking in 2019? This is a new year and there is so much we can begin to accomplish! Join Progressive West Roxbury/Roslindale to learn about progressive issues and actions you can take during the new year. On January 23, Progressive West Roxbury/Roslindale will have an open meeting to discuss topics affecting our communities the local political environment. • Preview the City Council elections and Issues • Announce Progressive Mass' 2019-20 Le... (Read More...)

Safe Communities: We had the numbers; where was the courage? Video from Progressive Needham

John Kirk from Progressive Needham reminds us at least week's #WednesdayWitness that the legislature already has the votes to pass #SafeCommunitiesAct but they lack the will and the leadership to have done so. For the sake of the children separated from families and for the safety of undocumented citizens who are our neighbors,in order to #KeepFamiliesTogether let's demand from our representatives that they make this the first order of business when they re-convene in January 2019. #nohateno... (Read More...)

Progressive Needham Sends Delegates to Convention

After a packed general chapter meeting on Friday night at the Kirks' home, many Progressive Needham members got up early the next morning to Caucus with the Needham Dems.  It was a mini-reunion the next day, with many first-timers, as well as many people who had caucused before, but not in many years.    (Read More...)


Turn the Clocks Back and MA Forward

This weekend marks Daylight Savings Time, when we will be turning the clock backwards an hour. It's also the most important weekend of the year for turning our state forward: GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) weekend, the last days up and including Election Day on Tuesday, November 6th.   What are you doing to help move our state forward? Here are some ideas.     (Read More...)

2018 Ballot Questions: Why We're a YES - YES - YES2

Ballot Questions On November 6, Massachusetts voters will see three questions on their ballot. Progressive Massachusetts recommends YES-YES-YES. (Read More...)

2018 Primary Elections: Whew!

Primary Night 2018 was a big night for Progressive Massachusetts and our endorsed candidates. Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley defeated incumbent Congressman Mike Capuano by 17%, becoming the first woman of color to represent Massachusetts in Washington. Rachael Rollins won by 16% and will become the first woman of color to be the District Attorney of Suffolk County. She ran on a strong progressive platform of implementing the recently passed criminal justice reform bill and taking bold ... (Read More...)


Progressive Massachusetts is a statewide, diverse grassroots organization committed to a bold, progressive agenda for the Commonwealth.

We believe in fighting for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice in all forms. Our vision for the Commonwealth is one of just wages and fair taxation; robust investment in public education and public infrastructure; a health care system that leaves no one behind; a clean environment; an open, transparent, and participatory government; and communities where all residents have the opportunity and resources they need to thrive.


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