2020 US Senate Endorsement: Ed Markey

When voters go to the polls this September, they should ask themselves several core questions. Which candidates are best equipped for the hard work of undoing the damage of the Trump administration and charting a progressive path forward? Which candidates will be active champions, the allies who join a fight before it becomes popular? Which candidates respond to the crises we face with the urgency required?

These are the questions our members weighed as they voted on whom Progressive Mass should endorse for US Senate, and the answer was clear: Ed Markey, with more than 96% of the vote.

Why Ed Markey? Member after member cited the powerful combination of both vision and experience. As the lead sponsor of policies like the Green New Deal, Ed Markey has articulated a bold and clear vision to address one of the most existential crises we face in a way that leaves no one behind, and he has a track record of fighting for progressive causes as well as years of experience in translating his vision into results.



Here is some of what our members said:

"Markey has been a champion on critical issues -- climate change, clean energy, nuclear non-proliferation -- facing the Commonwealth and the country for decades. His leadership on these issues and, more recently, the Green New Deal, reveal his understanding of the interrelationship among social, environmental, and economic issues and are well aligned with Progressive Massachusetts' agenda." -- James Goldstein, Needham


“Ed Markey’s compassion and determination to help everyone who has been in the crosshairs of this destructive administration is evident in every action and piece of legislation he has presented and passed. I am proud to support my Senator, fellow child of immigrants and hometown working-class hero Ed Markey.” -- Zayda Ortiz, Malden


"We need to keep Ed Markey in the Senate because he is someone who always shows up for the fight and has our back" -- Zelda MacGregor, Falmouth


“Ed Markey has been a fighter for progressive causes since before it was popular. We need allies like Ed in office to help undo the damage of the Trump administration and steer the country and the Democratic Party in a more just and equitable direction in the decade ahead.” -- Andre Green, Somerville 


" Ed Markey was a progressive champion on climate change before people even knew what a progressive was - he has remained tireless and undaunted in his support of progressive issues for decades!" -- Heather May, Waltham


" Ed Markey takes strong, often independent, positions that represent values important to Progressives." -- Margaret Heitz, Lexington



And Speaking of Elections...

The chaos in Wisconsin yesterday underscored what we've already said: Massachusetts must take immediate steps to ensure the integrity of our September and November elections.

That means expanding opportunities to vote by mail so that no one has to risk their health to participate in our democracy, increasing the days of early voting to ensure better line maintenance, and allowing voters to register on Election Day itself as a vital failsafe.

Can you call your state legislators and Secretary of State Bill Galvin in support of these vital reforms?

Bill Galvin's number: 617-727-7030

You can find your state representative and state senator's numbers here.

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