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When you become a paying member, you are making our work together as progressives possible! Your generous support will fund important advocacy and outreach tools, such as our Scorecard, lobby days, and phone and text banking, will support our chapters and forums, and our work with coalitions.

Donate at least $5/year to become a member! You’ll be eligible to vote for the Progressive Mass Board of Directors, serve in Chapter or Committee leadership roles, and participate in endorsement votes. The minimum donation is low so that PM membership is accessible to as wide an array of people as possible. Many members give more. If you are able, please contribute more and/or monthly to support all that’s involved in building a progressive grassroots movement!

Chapter membership is included if we’ve got a chapter in your area. If we don’t yet have a chapter in your area, and you’d like information about starting one, write to Chapters@progressivemass.com.

Monthly recurring donations are especially valuable. Please consider becoming a sustaining member by making a monthly recurring donation. 

All memberships are for individuals and are valid for 12 months from the date of the most recent donation.

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