Take Action: The MA Senate Votes on Climate Action This Week

This decade -- the 2020s -- will be the decade in which our collective actions determine whether or not we'll continue to have an inhabitable planet. And that means we need to start taking action--fast.

Tomorrow, the Massachusetts State Senate will be voting on omnibus climate legislation (for a good overview, read this).

The bill is strong in many ways, but it can be bolder and more equitable.

And that's where you come in.

Can you call your state senator today in support of the amendments below?


100% Renewable Energy
  • #53 2035 Renewable Portfolio Standard (Eldridge) - Increases the RPS to 100% by 2035 and prevents wood and trash burning from being eligible in the RPS
Environmental Justice
  • #11 Regulations to Protect Low Income Households (Friedman) - Adds in language about low and moderate income protections 
  • #89 Giving Energy Sector Workers a Voice (Feeney) - Adds language to protect workers displaced by advancements in the renewable sector
  • #105 DPU mandate (Chang-Diaz) - Adds "equity" to the DPU's mission statement
  • #113 Energy efficiency advisory council (Eldridge) - Adds environmental justice and youth representation to the energy efficiency commission 
Equitable Investment in Green Infrastructure
  • #80 Re-investing in greenhouse gas emission reduction, and our communities (Chang-Diaz) - Requires that at least 30% of revenue generated from a market-based mechanism be spent on green infrastructure and at least 40% of that revenue benefit low and moderate income people
Other Amendments that Support the Mass Power Forward Coalition's Vision
  • #33 Net Zero Stretch Code Improvements (Comerford) - Pushes up the implementation date for the net zero stretch code
  • #54 Inclusion of combustion of fuel in emissions count (Eldridge) - Requires that burning any combustible fuel be counted towards state's emissions


Take Action:

(1) Find your State Senator's email address here, and then email them to urge them to support the amendments listed above.

(2) Follow up by calling your State Senator and ask that they support the amendments that you emailed them

Here's a sample script:

My name is [ first name], and I live in [town/city].   I am with a broad coalition of environmental groups called Mass Power Forward and we’re calling about Senate climate legislation, specifically, S.2477 and amendments that have been filed to that bill. I sent an email to your office with the amendment numbers that achieve our goals of Environmental Justice, 100% clean and renewable energy for all, and creating equitable investments through carbon pricing.  


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