The Student Opportunity Act is a Win. Let's Make it Better.

Four years ago this very month, the Foundation Budget Review Commission highlighted how the state has been shortchanging public schools due to an outdated funding formula.

Because of the advocacy of teachers, students, parents, community members, and YOU, that formula will finally get fixed.

The Student Opportunity Act will provide $1.5 billion per year in new school funding to help the students who need it the most.

Tomorrow, when the MA Senate votes on the bill, we have an opportunity to strengthen it so that this once-in-a-generation bill is as strong as possible.


For that to happen, your senator needs to hear from you--to hear that you support the bill's passage and support the following amendments:

  • #17 (Targeted Improvement Plans), which increases community and educator involvement in school districts' plans to reduce disparities -- and requires charter schools to create such plans as well
  • #19 (Charter Cap Reimbursement), which caps the number of charter schools and charter school seats for any year in which the state fails to fully fund the charter school mitigation account.
  • #27 (Analyze Impact of Proposition 2 1/2), which requires a study of the impact on this regressive tax law on municipalities' ability to provide a high-quality education to all students
  • #53 (Ensuring Proportional Phase-In), which makes sure that all of the updates get phased in at the same pace so that low-income students don't get left behind
  • #61 (Charter School Reimbursement Accountability), which requires the Commonwealth to draw funding from charter schools to ensure full reimbursement to public schools
  • #63 (Following Through On Our Commitments), which makes sure that the Legislature fully funds charter reimbursements.

Find your senator's email and phone number here. And then tell them to support the Student Opportunity Act as well as amendments #17, #19, #27, #53, #61, and #63 so that we can deliver on our promise to all students.


Can we count on you to make that call or send that email?

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