Salem: For Want of a Nail

For want of a horseshoe nail... all was lost

THE best hopes of pushing back against the Trump agenda is to pass solid, good policy at the State Level. 

On the Administration's xenophobic anti-immigration policies, our hopes are in the courts -- where we are winning-- and in the states, with good 'Safe' and 'Trust' communities legislation as has been so recently passed by Illinois (!!) and California. 

Massachusetts, Illinois is surpassing us in #Resisting autocracy and state oppression.

Our State Legislature must take up the mantel of justice and adopt an urgency that is so far shockingly absent.* 

To catch up with Illinois, Massachusetts must pass the Safe Communities Act, which is, dumbfoundingly, languishing in committee and without enough champions among our Legislators. With your grassroots outreach and our Safe Communities Coalition's advocacy inside the building, we are making progress -- but time is running out..

...And we are looking at a loose horseshoe nail in Salem.

The Safe Communities Coalition has concluded that losing the Salem welcoming city ordinance would send already nervous legislators running away from the goals of justice for all. All Beacon Hill eyes are watching Salem. A no vote there, on a municipal initiative, could close down the SCA for at least next two years. We must do everything to make sure SCA passes NOW. 

A driving philosophy at Progressive Mass is that taking action, organizing, in our communities is the sine qua non of progress and justice.

So simple, so powerful: Act Locally. 

Gather up your neighbors and friends, and join us to knock on doors and get on phones to help Salem voters make a vote for justice, with a YES ON 1 vote. Schedule a phone bank in your community and invite your friends. Your work will go farther than any other activity this season.**

Right now, we focus on securing a horseshoe nail. 

*(It's why Progressive Mass doesn't just work on issues --we also work on getting better legislators. A special election in Foxboro affects ALL of us.

** this is true of your volunteer efforts for the special elections, too. In fact, we have two special elections and PM-endorsed candidates. Our endorsees will fight for the SCA. We need to make sure they win. Learn more here:


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